We are using seasonal verses, rhymes and finger plays in Spanish, to get the children used to the language, it is very nice to hear them repeating some of the songs here and there when they are alone!

For learning Spanish we use songs and games that help to acquire the sonority of this foreign language. Amidst them, we also tell a story that is weaved among the traditions of the Spanish country.

We started this year picking up the story of the King Arthur that we left in Spring, and continued bringing the knights across the Atlantic to disembark in Catalonia, a region of Spain, where the Arthurian knights meet the Occitan Knights and together they start the journey for the search of the Holy Grail.

We have sang songs and poems about sailors and pirates for the first half of the trimester, as the children were arriving to the Spanish shore, and now we are following with songs and poems about excursionists and monks, as the children travel across the monasteries of North Catalonia. Finally they find the Holy Grail in a small enclave by the coast of the Meditearranean sea, at the Monestir de Sant Pere de Rodes, and they discover the Real Presence of Christ.

The next theme in this series will be probably around the story of  el Cid Campeador.

Following are some examples of the themes covered this year: