We found a series of posters teaching the catechism of the Church for children in third grade. These posters are depicting the traditional teachings and were found near by Santa Maria del Pi, a very old church in the gotic neigborhood of Barcelona, Spain.

We would like to post them, one by one, with the translation of the titles and a little explanation.

this first chosen one is titled The Prayer:

1-Jesus gave us the example of prayer.
2-We should pray with faith. The Centurion.
3-The prayer should be humble. The pharisee and the publican.
4- It must be constant. Parable of the inconvenient friend.
5-The private prayer.
6- The public prayer.

Regarding prayer, there is one book that I am reading now that exemplifies and describes the means and goals of it, which is very good, is the book of Saint Teresa of Avila: The Way of Perfection.

In it she exposes very well the details of vocal prayer, mental prayer, quiet prayer and contemplation; the conditions necessary and the dangers along the way, as well as a good description of the Pater Noster, and the Holy Communion. In a time where prayer in the world is so needed, and good prayer is so lacking, we should try to attain the levels of humility in front of Our Saviour as to offer our best.

Following are included all the lessons, the explanation will come as time progresses.