January-February 2012

We are working with wool, we visited their farm and got the wool of one of them :Widget, then we cleaned it, and carded it. Now we are ready to learn spinning, probably with the small hand spinning tools.

 The children still work with knitting projects, mittens, scarfs, bonnets, and I am doing dresses, vests and pants.

Advent 2011: making wreaths, tree ornaments, wax paper snow flakes for window decorations, felted nativity figurines and Christmas cards.

Fall 2011: Kniting projects, the small children learn finger knitting, the older ones make a project according to their experience, scarfs, hats, mittens.

July 2011: Toy making with wood

June 2011: Making wooden nesting boxes for a backyard chicken coop.

May 2011: Bread making.

March-April 2011: Making dresses and other clothes with hand sewing and machine sewing.

February-March 2011: Preparing for the lenten season ahead, we will bind books and readers, make hard cover books out of leather and other materials. For the feast of Saint Thomas Aquinas, 7th March, we will display all the works done and sing hymns.

January- February 2011: We will prepare frames and matting for a family tree including pictures of great-great grandparents from both sides of the family. For the Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary, February the second, we will make special candles from beeswax for their blessing at church.

We are going to start doing presents for Holiday's gifts, the first days we will do sleepers out of felt and other materials and after that we will start making the Christmas cards and Tree ornaments.