Following is a list of ecclectic resources in Catholic family life, from homeschooling curriculums to where to find statues in the Vernon County. Feel free to use these recommendations as you may see fit in your journey of faith.
These are some curricula:

Here is the link for some good reading material.

If you click on the Free Pamphlets link up top, you can read any of the pamphlets that they have. The Fatima Family link (under the "links" link) is also a good one to check out. This apostolate was formed to strengthen the Catholic family in good conservative, obedient to the magesterium teachings. Any of the
books there are worth reading.
LFFA, Little Flowers Family Apostolate is a small family business that
reprints many great old Catholic books. They focus on things relating to the family.

If you look on the Guidance for Holy Motherhood link, there you will find many good books on marriage. There are 8 pages.

These  are books which are reprints from the1880's

ALL kinds of good books here encouraging Catholic womanhood (and manliness as well)

Here is the link to  a good book :

Raise Happier Children Through a Happier Marriage, It is a good book, and it is also a great link to many other resources.


There is Relevant Radio which locally is 93.9, and you can live stream it
online , the Wausau, Archbishop Sheen, Fr Altier and Audio Sancto online audio.

Good sermons:

here is a link to Fr Corapis conversion story

Kimberly Hahn is a convert and a great speaker
You can listen to many of these for free.

 Fulton Sheen is a wonderful speaker on everything, and has many talks on marriage.

He is a very holy priest from Minnesota. Used to be on Relevant Radio before he was silenced. He is very big into spiritual warfare. He was silenced for a long time, but now is able to have his sermons online again. Here are archives of his sermons. You need to download the dss player to be able to listen to the audio.

More GOOD listening!

Family altars and statues

The Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe has beautiful statues in their gift store. Noelkes is downtown across from the Cathedral, but their selection is limited.

If you can't find what you want there, I can also reccomend these online resource:

Praying the rosary:

link with the fruit of each mystery (what virtues we can hope and pray for as we pray our rosary)

First Saturday devotions were requested by Our Lady at Fatima. To go to Mass, recieve communion and pray the Rosary and offer it up for sinners.

Here is a link explaining what took place and what the devotion involves


Early Church Fathers teaching on Mary

bible alone

MCHEC conference in June
a great place to see all there is to offer, and hear some really great speakers that can encourage and inspire both parents in the home education decisions and journey.

Forum thread with tons of links to good solid catholic books and online resources for Catholic parenting and family life. Many listed here are older, out of print things that are archived online

Blogspot with homesteading and distributism:

Seeds family company:

Plain catholics: